Sports Injury

sports-injuryWhether you are a competitive athlete, a sports enthusiast or a weekend warrior, there is always the risk of injury. Sports injuries fall into several categories:

Traumatic Injuries

These injuries are most common in contact sports, but can occur during many other activities. Examples of traumatic injuries include strains, sprains, wounds, bruises, fractures, head injuries or damage to the spinal cord. Many people are not aware of the benefits of physical therapy for all of these injuries. By reducing pain and inflammation, along with increasing circulation, tissues, muscles and even bone can heal much faster. Instructions can also be given to help patients maintain strength and range of motion while they recover.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are very common among athletes. When the soft tissue is damaged, these tissues release chemicals that trigger inflammation. When inflammation occurs, you may experience swelling, heat, pain and loss of movement. Both manual and technological therapies can quickly reduce inflammation and speed recovery.

Repetitive Use Injuries

Conditions such as tennis elbow, runner’s knee or tendonitis can occur from the repetitive movements associated with a specific sport. Treatment plans may include exercise or movement modifications as well as therapeutic modalities to decrease pain and inflammation and to accelerate healing. Sometimes braces, splints or other protective devices can also be prescribed.